Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bonjour tout le monde!

Sorry again for being so bad about updating my blog!!

So here's a very quick update and catch up!
After being diagnosed with MS by my neurologist and my general care doctor, I was referred to go to the Mayo Clinic because they have a world renowned MS Clinic there. We were told it would take around 3-6 months to get in. At this point I wasn't very surprised because things haven't been going fast anyways. BUT about a week after being referred we got a call saying that I had an appointment in 2 weeks. It was such a great blessing!!
In between being diagnosed and having my first visit at the Mayo Clinic, the doctor who I'd been in touch with from the Missionary Department called. We told him what was going on and what I had been diagnosed with. He then gave me some news that for the first time since all this has happened really made me cry.. He said that before he would even think about sending me back out on a mission he would want me to start on an effective treatment and then be stable on that for at least a year. Being told that was almost worse to me than being told I was diagnosed with MS! But, I am so grateful for the gospel and the comfort I received from knowing that Heavenly Father has a plan for me and that in the grand scheme of things this is just one little trial.
The visit at the Mayo Clinic didn't go as expected. The doctor that I have there is world renowned and has developed different types of treatment for treating MS from his own research so we knew we were in good hands. However, after reviewing my Brain MRI that I had gotten done and doing his own little examination he told us he wasn't entirely convinced that this is MS. He said the spots on my brain MRI looked like MS, but he wanted to know for sure what kind of demyelination disease this and know more about my situation before he jumped to any conclusions. So... he ordered more tests to be done. But, we did leave feeling like we are on the right track to answers!

So, I was a little hesitant about updating it because things still aren't certain and everything, but I have some good news: YESTERDAY I HAD MY LAST TEST (knock on wood) until we find out exactly what is going and getting some kind of effective treatment or medication. After 5 months of pain, 2 different countries, seeing around 9 doctors, 3 different hospitals, trying about 13 different medications/treatments, getting 4 eye exams, an EEG, a few EKG's, wearing a heart monitor for a month, 2 CAT scans, 5 MRI's, getting about 40 vials of blood drawn, a spinal tap, many priesthood blessings, and countless prayers we will finally be getting answers in 6 days.

I have learned SO many lessons, and especially patience, through this whole trial. I wouldn't have asked for this to happen, but I am truly grateful for it and for what I have learned. I am so grateful for my dear friends and family and all your prayers and support. It's been hard and still is sometimes, but you have helped me have strength and patience and peace. Every time I have been with my family and friends I feel so much comfort and gratitude. Thank you.

Here's some pictures from my vacations and fun times with my beautiful family and friends in the last few months - just for fun ;)

Duck Creek Cabin Trip
Yellowstone Trip

 Trip to Salt Lake and Provo to see my best friend/trainer from my mission and my family

Family Luau

Merci à tous pour tout ce que vous avez fait pour moi. Je suis très reconnaissent pour vous et votre amour et vos prières.
Avec beaucoup d'Amour,


  1. Thank you for updating us. It is a great idea and will keep you from being constantly asked questions. Praying that you will have a conclusive diagnosis and treatment plan by next week.

  2. You still in our prayers and every time we go to the temple we put your name in the prayer roll. All is going to be fine:)